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Bishop James Swinson

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Bishop James Swinson is consumed with living and teaching the Word of God, the will of God, and the way of God. His line-by-line and precept-by-precept simplistic approach to teaching the Word of God brings deliverance.


James Swinson is the presiding Bishop of Faith Temple Ministries Inc., the overseer of Family Worship Center in Waycross, Georgia, and Victory Way Christian Center in Jacksonville, Florida. He is also the author of three books, “Getting Back on Track,” “Why Are You Angry,” and “Work Your Faith.”

Dr. Johnnie Swinson


Dr. Johnnie Swinson is a multitalented teacher of the gospel who God has anointed to help bring inner healing and restoration. In addition to the mandate of teaching the Word, God called Dr. Swinson to develop a ministry designated to empower and educate the community locally with the tools for restoring women, marriages and families that have been damaged, broken or destroyed.


Dr. Swinson has a doctorate degree in theology as well as a Master’s Degree in education; she is the co-founder of Faith Temple Ministries where she serves as the ministry administrator.

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